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Whether you’re developing a strategic plan, defining a dilemma, or just getting to the heart of a situation, engaging meaningfully with your stakeholders is fundamental. And this is where Communiqué International can be a resource to you.

We have extensive experience and a deep understanding of facilitating stakeholder engagement and managing consultation processes.

We facilitate planning sessions, decision-making sessions, and evaluation sessions for groups in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors; where we create a comfortable environment for people to discuss issues, exchange views and agree actions.  We also offer a complete suite of follow-up steps from de-briefing to collating actions and decisions to formulating a complete report.

We apply key principles to deliver results: we use persuasive communication techniques to empower participants to voice their concerns confidently, explore differences of opinion collaboratively, reach consensus or even agree to differ.

Our innovative approaches ensure enthusiastic participation in the process of influencing decision-making. Recent examples include:

  • Joint Policing strategy development
  • Community safety fora
  • Urban regeneration
  • Public utility development
  • Master plan consultation
  • Major planning applications
  • Crisis and conflict resolution
  • Strategic plan development

Typical training course elements include:

  • Understanding the objectives and the group’s desired outcome
  • Designing and planningthe group process
  • Enabling participation V process
  • Using probing questioning techniques
  • Maintaining momentum: Guiding and managing the group dynamic
  • Coping with aggression
  • Gaining effective participation and consensus
  • Employing effective listening skills and giving feedback
  • Recording outcomes




Communique's objective is to help our clients persuade people to their point of view.