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Media Preparation

For over 20 years, business and community leaders have used our services to successfully exploit media opportunities to get their messages across to target audiences.

We train our clients in the core skills of communicating effectively and persuasively through all types of media.

We conduct preparation sessions with our clients for specific media encounters such as:

  • Promoting their businesses.
  • Reacting to media queries.
  • Conducting interviews.
  • Dealing with criticism.
  • Handling crises.

Typical course elements include:

  • Understanding the needs of television / radio / print media
  • Identifying target and priority audiences
  • Deciding interview objectives and selecting key messages
  • Achieving clear, concise and relevant communication under pressure
  • Using accessible language and tangible examples
  • Dealing with tough, probing questions
  • Managing the dynamic of crisis media communications
  • Employing a methodology for coping with nervousness
  • Understanding the essentials of studio craft
  • Managing non-verbal communication
Communique's objective is to help our clients persuade people to their point of view.