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Leadership Communication

Communication is a vital component of leadership, and corporate and community leaders can face communication challenges of enormous complexity and sensitivity.

The loneliness of the leader means that it can be difficult to seek internal advice

We are a constant, confidential and discreet sounding board for our senior clients – whether it is the 10 minute phone call for an extra perspective, or background support throughout an entire project.

The value in this lies in our ability to apply our accumulated knowledge over 20 years of working with leaders across all sectors, in areas such as:

  • Making keynote speeches and presentations
  • Persuading stakeholders to their point of view
  • Dealing with conflict and difference of opinion
  • Giving sensitive feedback
  • Communicating through the media
  • Persuasively selling change

Typical training course elements include:

  • Understanding the essence of persuasive communication
  • Achieving consistency through using proper preparation methodologies
  • Analysing audiences to develop focussed and relevant messages
  • Creating key value takeaway points and avoiding information overload
  • Using accessible language for maximum effect
  • Handling robust question and answer sessions
  • Understanding non-verbal communication
  • Managing nervousness
Communique's objective is to help our clients persuade people to their point of view.