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Crisis Communication

Following a crisis, the enduring reputation of an organisation is judged not by the fact that the crisis happened – but by how it was handled.

People change during crises. The dynamic is very different and there is more urgency, more at stake, more emotion and sometimes a lack of logic. The skill therefore is to communicate under pressure in a way that fulfills the key criteria of being truthful, accurate, clear and timely. In addressing this, our approach focuses on the key areas of decision making, message development and dealing with multiple stakeholders, including the media.

We have assisted in:

  • Product recalls
  • Environmental and pollution emergencies
  • Alleged failures in corporate standards
  • Company closures and redundancies
  • Political crises

In addition to supporting organisations through crisis situations, our work also involves us in the preparation and rehearsal of crisis communication plans.

Communique's objective is to help our clients persuade people to their point of view.