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Bespoke Job Interview Preparation

We have over 20 years’ experience in preparing candidates for job interviews across all sectors of business and the public service.


Our unique approach ensures that you can competitively communicate your individual value, competence and suitability for the position within the restricted time available at interview.

We employ our own bespoke analytical models to create maximum understanding of the breadth and depth of your relevant experiences. This also enables you to demonstrate your personal attributes for engaging with the future development of the role as competitively as possible.


Scoping Analysis Skills
  • Agreeing the task and the interview challenge
  • Mining of experiences for depth, breadth and value
  • Clarifying your understanding of the role and your aspirations for it
  • Identifying your unique competitive advantages.
  • Assertively communicating the full value of your capability
  • Dealing with various interviewing styles
  • The essentials of self presentation
  • Delivering under fire – video analysis of your performance at trial interviews.

We’ll support you throughout the process with a dedicated advisor whose role is to ensure that you deliver to the very peak of your potential at your interview. Click here for more information on our executive interview preparation service.

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